Proxima 45V2

4×5” camera, the first fully 3D printed folding camera

612.00736.00 excl. VAT

Entry level traditional folding 4×5” camera, the first fully 3D printed folding camera. Made of PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid, derived from starch) this lightweight camera is perfect for students or photographers who want to start using LF cameras. White body only.

WEIGHT: 1.4kg
MIN/MAX extension bellows: 50 – 340 mm
MIN/MAX with bag bellows: 0 – 400 mm
FRONT RISE/FALL: + 55 / – 35 mm
FRONT SHIFT: +/- 25 mm
FRONT TILT: +/- 45° limited by bellows
FRONT SWING: +/- 45°

REAR SHIFT: +/- 15 mm
REAR TILT: – 20° / + 90° (closure direction)
REAR SWING: +/- 45°
LENSBOARD: Gibellini Size (adapter available)
TRIPOD MOUNT: 3/8” and 1/4 “
CAMERA BACK: horizontal/vertical positioning
HOLDERS: compatibility with all commercial and Gibellini
MECHANISMS: PLA 3d plastic
BELLOWS COLOR: Red, Blue, Black, Green, Sand, White
BODY COLOR: white or Black

* Customers from CHINA, TAIWAN, MACAU and HONG KONG have to contact directly our dealers to order Gibellini Products, for any information or support please contact us:

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