High quality professional camera

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High quality professional camera, featuring the innovative concept of monorail folding camera, extremely lightweight and easy to transport. Special bearings on the rails for a smooth sensation on touch, separate knobs for each movement for a precise composition, auto-zero positioning with spring plungers and an innovative mechanism that locks the groundglass frame with a homogeneous pressure on the whole surface. The curvilinear design of the GP810V2 is absolutely innovative, ergonomic and sturdier than square designs.

Customizable Aluminum colors and bellows.

BELLOWS: min 75mm (with bag bellows) – max 620mm
DIMENSIONS (folded): 360X350X130mm
WEIGHT: 4.6kg
MATERIALS: aluminum and Technopolymers for bearings, on request Titanium parts
MOVEMENTS: separate with different locks and knobs
FRONT RISE/FALL: + 45 / – 55 mm
FRONT SHIFT: +/- 35mm
FRONT SWING: +/- 20°
FRONT (central) TILT: +/- 45°

REAR SHIFT: +/- 100mm
REAR SWING: +/- 20°
REAR (base) TILT: +20° / to closure
FINE FOCUSING: rear central knobs
LENSBOARD SIZE: Sinar compatibility (139x139mm)
FAST FOCUSING: using the rear standard of the camera, run on bearings with friction, maintaining parallels the front standard with the rear.
GROUNDGLASS: bright glass, hard plastic (on request)
BACK: accept all commercial film holders, included the new aluminum Gibellini FH810

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